About Flat Pack Kitchens

About Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane

At The Flat Pack Kitchen we take pride in providing high-quality cabinetry, expert workmanship and reliable customer service. With an objective of exceeding our customers’ expectations, we offer high-quality fitting services and unit refurbishment to the residents of Brisbane and entire Australia.

Our team has 37+ years of experience in flat pack cabinets design and installation. We understand the unique customer needs, requirements and wants. This means that our team can create your unique cabinets for every single room in your home, office, private or commercial property. To us, cabinet must be functional, so we emphasize aesthetics as much as the standards of quality.

The Flat Pack Kitchen team has various backgrounds and together bring in a vibrant and unique skill set. This diversity of our team ensures that we deliver the highest quality of work on each project. We can better understand our clients’ diverse needs and provide a wide range of perspectives to any particular project. This has led to high customer service levels and 100% customer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for flat pack kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry, pantry, entertainment, our team at Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane will offer you the best prices in Brisbane. We ensure that, in case of any trouble fitting your flat pack, you can reach us immediately and get help.

We value our clients, that’s why their safety is an integral part of our business. While we focus on practicality and functionality of our products, we ensure that they are created with high safety standards that are implemented across our business. We follow all safety legislations and are CM3 compliant.

To get a 100% FREE Quotation and assistance with any of our products and services, get in touch with Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane today. Our experts will help you out and answer any questions you may have.

Our Flat Pack Products Include

  • Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

  • Flat Pack Bathroom Cabinets

  • Flat Pack Laundry Cabinets

  • Flat Pack Pantry Cabinets

  • Flat Pack Entertainment Cabinets

  • Flat Pack DIY Kitchen Cabinets

  • Flat Pack Cupboards

  • Flat Pack Custom Cabinet

We Work With

Commercial Property Owners

If you have just completed constructing your commercial property and are wondering how to install the cabinetry for the entire building — Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane will handle the installation of all your cabinets in all the rooms. It doesn’t matter if your property will be used for offices or other commercial purposes, or whether they will be used as homes. We will move in and conduct due diligence to understand your needs and requirements, then deliver to the best our ability. We will ensure that our flat pack cabinets are appealing to your tenants and increase the value of your property.

Private Property Owners

After building your home, you will want to fit cabinetry which not only serves the purpose but also enhances the beauty of your particular rooms. At Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane, we understand this, that’s why we work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get the best cabinetry for your home. Our team understands that each room is unique, so, if required, we will help you design cabinets which will fit into each space.

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Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane is located in Unit 2, 31 Kremzow Road, Brendale QLD 4500, Brisbane, Australia.

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