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Install your cabinets quickly and easily using our attractive and high-quality flat pack cabinetry.

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At Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane, we provide you with:

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Looking for high-quality, unique cabinets for your home?

Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane offers custom made cabinets designed for every particular room and specific use.

We have over 37+ years of experience designing, building and installing cabinets for both homes, retail and offices across Brisbane, Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. We save you from the hassle of making tough decisions by simplifying the process to make it smooth and straightforward. Our excellent craftsmanship will create your custom cabinets that are easy to assemble and at all times meeting your expectations and requirements.

The most affordable prices in Brisbane

High-quality and durable materials

Excellent customer care

Professionally designed

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About Flat Pack Kitchens

Flat Pack Kitchens has over 37 years’ experience in offering flat pack cabinet solutions to both residential, retail and commercial properties. This includes flat pack kitchens, flat pack bathrooms, flat pack laundry, flat pack entertainment units, flat pack pantry, and DIY kitchens. Anything that can be flat packed we can achieve with no compromise on quality or choice either!

Whether considering a new kitchen or just want to rejuvenate your existing kitchen with new doors, drawers or benchtops, Flat Pack Kitchen Brisbane will provide high quality, affordable cabinets, doors, benchtops and accessories to meet your needs and expectations.

  • All our flatpack kits come with soft close drawers and hinges.
  • Cabinets are custom made to any size you require.
  • A wide range of Doors, Benchtops, Handles, Sinks, Taps, Appliances from our partners.
  • Newest colours and finishes from leading brands.

We offer an in-house manufacturing service on Cut to Size Panels, Flatpack Cabinets, Wardrobes and more utilising the most advanced machinery in the marketplace.

And we support you every step of the way!

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Our Products

Flat Pack Kitchens Brisbane can provide you with a wide range of affordable and adaptable cabinets
which are custom cut to your requirements.
These products include:

Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

Using the highest quality materials, our team will give you multiple options for flat kitchen cabinets. Our team will ensure that you get beautiful cabinets that match your current kitchen. We also ensure that the cabinets blend well with the rest of your home while remaining practical.

Flat Pack Bathroom Cabinets

We design flat pack cabinets specifically made for your bathroom. The bathroom is a very intimate space, and as such, it should be fitted with the best cabinets which will last for years while remaining aesthetic. We ensure that the bathroom cabinets can resist water and humidity while also being practical to use.

Flat Pack Laundry Cabinets

High-quality laundry cabinets are essential in any home. Our expert workmanship ensures that your cabinets last long into the future to preserve their contents. We source our materials from the best quality suppliers to build professional looking cabinets that stand the test of time.

Flat Pack Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinets can be used to store food, cutlery, crockery and more. Our team of experts understand that these cabinets should be both beautiful and practical. That’s why we use the best timber and finishings to produce stunning pantry cabinets.

Flat Pack Entertainment Cabinets

With different types of entertainment systems in mind, we make custom made designs for your entertainment cabinets. We ensure that our cabinets can safely secure all your controllers and devices. We consider the size of your entertainment system to ensure that it meets your expectations and needs.

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